Raising funds and shining cars

Not only do we love to give back to our customers but to our community as well.

Werribee Car Wash prioritises being both a part of our community and helping it so we have various fundraising methods that can give back to those most important to us: our customers! 

Got an idea, tell us, we want to know how we can help you.

If you are looking for a fresh fundraising idea

We would love to help your charity!

Local Charities

School Programs

Sports Clubs

Important Missions

A local fundraising program

Werribee Car Wash has a local fundraising program that is easy to register for and even easier to participate in. We offer Wash codes, raffles, annual wash club memberships and more.

We offer:
Wash code
Annual wash club memberships
And more

Call us to register your organisation, and then for every Delux wash purchased using your organisation’s unique fundraising code, you will earn $5 for your nominated club, school or charity.

We’ll track your washes and send your raised funds to you each month with a total wash report. No selling chocolates, raffle tickets, or timely administration is required; wash and earn.

Register your interest now

Register your interest here to receive a fundraising information pack

We can help

with marketing such as co-branded e-flyers, newsletter templates, a dedicated information page on our website or a quick video you can circulate showing how to use the fundraising facility at Werribee Car Wash.

Our methods are driven by you… The more you promote, the more we donate!