Self Service

Get in on the action?

Get hands-on and give your car that 5-star treatment with our Self serve car wash bays.

Our three self serves bays are supplied with all the cleaning products you may need for every vehicle.

The bays are 3.5m high and 4.5m wide giving you plenty of space to move around and give your vehicle a really good clean!

Follow our Wash menu, located on the bay wall, as a guide that will walk you through the carwash process.

For best results always finish with a wax for your paint and spot free water rinse to ensure a streak free dry all over.

What do you get with our Self-Serve Service? The works!

Tyre & Engine Cleaner



Wash Soap

Tri-foam Brush


Tri-foam Polish

Ceramic Protectant Wax

Spot Free Rinse

Ceramic Coating

Your car is a precious investment. It’s worth taking care of it with the best protection possible! That’s why we offer ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating is a premium liquid that acts as a shield against scratches, dirt and bird droppings while also protecting all of those tiny pores within paint surfaces with a thin layer (or Resin/ quartz base). It evaporates quickly, leaving behind only sheer outerwear, which provides better protection but delivers long-lasting shine!

Get your car shiny like new again

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